What is the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

The Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run is a mud plus obstacles race.  Well, it’s not really a ‘race’.  It’s an adventure through mud, water and fun obstacles. You will get wet and dirty.  It is right at 3 miles long.

Where do the proceeds go?

All proceeds from the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run go to the Newport Parks & Recreation’s youth programs scholarship fund. The funds allow children from economically disadvantaged households the opportunity to participate in a number of fantastic programs.

Can we form a team to run the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

Yes, we encourage teams.  You will have more fun if you have a buddy to get muddy with!  There will not be a special wave for teams.  Come show off your best team spirit.

Do I have to be an Athlete to run the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

Not necessarily, The Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run has been designed to be fun and challenging.  We want it to appeal to a wide range of participants.  It will be a great team building exercise for any racer.  It’s not a typical 5K race.  This will be more of an adventure for everyone participating.  But it will be challenging so participants should be able to run, jump, swim, climb, crawl, slide etc.

Is the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run timed?

Each wave will be officially timed. We’ll have a large digital clock at the finish line that’ll be displaying the hour, minute and second as you cross.

How much does it cost to participate in the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

Cost: $40 Jan 1-July 31 ~ $45 August 1-30 ~ $50 day of event. Register Online
It’s FREE to come watch the craziness. There will be a viewing area and concessions for sale, so come make a day of it. 

Are pets allowed at the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

We love pets, so pets are allowed as long as they are well trained for public events.

Is there an age requirement to participate in the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run

The minimum age is 15 years old and if you are under the age of 17 a parent/guardian must be present to sign a waiver form.

What is the deadline for registration?

If there is space, we will allow registration up to the day of the race. But don’t take a chance. Register as soon as you can to ensure you get to race and the best price.  Register Online Now 

Can I register by mail?

No. All registration must be done online, in person at the Newport Recreation Center or the day of the race (if space is still available). 

If I sign up but can’t participate, can someone else use my registration?

Unfortunately, no.  Due to insurance reasons the person who registers must be the person to run it.

I registered, but now I can’t participate. Can I get a refund?

There will be refunds up till seven days prior to the race. Regardless of circumstances.

Do I have to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes. All participants must complete a waiver form prior to or on race day. There will be waivers at the registration area on the day of the race. You will be required to show proof of identification to verify your registration. Once you have been verified, you will turn in your signed waiver acknowledging that by participating in the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run you expose yourself to certain elements of risk including but not limited to the risk of personal injury. For legal reasons, it is important that each participant read and understand the liability waiver before signing. Under no circumstances will individuals be allowed to participate in the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run without a signed waiver on file.

When should I plan to arrive?

Participants should plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their start time. This is necessary to insure that all participants have been checked in, have signed the liability waiver and have ample time to stretch and reach the start gate. Participants may ONLY check themselves in and pickup their individual race information. 

Directions to the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

The Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run takes place at Newport Municipal Airport, 135 SE 84th St, Newport, OR 97366. Get Directions 

Where do I park?

Parking will be in adjacent fields across from the registration area.  Watch for signs.  All fields used for parking are within walking distance to the event.

Where do I register when I get to the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

Registration is under the canopy located close to the start line. All points of interest will be marked clearly. If you get lost, just look for a volunteer. Anyone will be more than willing to help you.

What do I need to bring?

  1.  Photo identification
  2. Towel
  3. Change of clothes
  4. Cash for post-event food and beverages

Are there water and first aid stations on the course?

There will be water and first-aid stations with volunteer EMS personnel along the course as well as race monitors patrolling the race. If you become injured and are in need of assistance or feel like you cannot complete the course, a race monitor will be able to return you to the registration area. 

Will the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run be cancelled if there is bad weather?

In the event of rain, the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run will continue as planned. If, however, there are any severe weather alerts issued from the National Weather Service, the race directors may elect to postpone the race until the alerts have ended.  If the severe weather is for an extended period of time the race directors reserve the right to cancel the race for safety reasons.  This would be in extreme cas

Is there a time limit for completing the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run?

There is no time limit for completing the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Run obstacle course.

Can I skip an obstacle?

If you think an obstacle is too difficult you may go around it, but why not try it.  Because the race is timed, obstacles will have penalties for skipping. Our obstacle monitors will enforce the penalties. We encourage you to run with a buddy or a team to help each other at the more challenging obstacles.  Imagine the good feeling you’ll have when you get to the finish line and you completed all obstacles or at least tried them all.

Will there be food?

There will be food for sale throughout the day of the event.

Is there a group rate available?

Unfortunately, we are not offering group rates.  Each racer registers individually or as a team, but we are not offering any group rates.

Do the participants receive anything?

Yes, each participant receives a medal at the end of the race and other items in their swag bag.  There will be water and other free drinks available at the end of the race.  Event t-shirts will be on sale at the race.

Still have a question…

Most questions should be able to be answered by the website. But if you feel that you have a question that is not covered here, feel free to contact us.